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Business Processing Outsourcing
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BPO is the outsourcing of business functions or processes, such as procurement to a third party. In these contracts the provider is responsible for performing and managing the outsourced function or process on behalf of the customer. BPO or Business Process Outsourcing refers to the rearrangement of entire business functions to some other service providers, mainly in low cost locations

BPO is:
Powerful and flexible approach used to achieve a wide range of tactical and strategic aims Way to optimize business performance to drive value and to gain better results Long term arrangement with an external organization to take primary responsibility for an entire business function The strategic choice of companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving its quality of service Highly customized service combining IT and process outsourcing

Provides access to people, processes, technology, and best-practices up front Allows companies to maintain control of its projects on a level that is easily managed Provides a flexible way to manage new ventures - scalable for growth or consolidation and reduces capital investment Reduces amount of time spent managing day-to-day processes so focus remains on your core business processes Faster development of new processes in a controlled, shared cost environment

Call Center Services

India is the only territory considered as a call center companies. Currently, the count of inbound service providers in India is huge, and these firms are widespread across the country. Many of these business professionals in India are enjoying India presence, which is indeed a matter of pride. And obviously, it shows the success rate of these in India.

The call centers perform a wide range of activities starting right from the customer care to help desk support. The employees receive and also attend every call coming from the customers. They are trained to speak to the customers in whichever language they understand. The customers do not want to waste time or money.

Call center provider industry is the non-availability of ready professionals in large numbers. But, at the same breath, it can be said with much conviction that it has been found acquiring by taking up several awareness initiatives on part of both government and non-government institutions. Call Centers has helped businesses connect with their customers for more than 20 years. Our call service center provide outsourced technical support, answering services, order taking, and a variety of other resources that enable you to offer the high level of personalized service each of your customers deserves. Allowing All West to assist with your support needs eliminates the risks and substantial expense associated with launching an in-house call center. Every one of our solutions is customized to your needs and is built on the latest communications technology

Call center services provider in India has been in the center stage. The Indian has many favorable reasons for having call center service provider to it. Every successful business reaches a point where it becomes difficult to provide excellent service to a rapidly growing number of customers. When this happens, leaders have two choices: attempt to develop the new capabilities necessary to serve customers, or team up with a partner that already has proven expertise in customer relationship management.


  • There would be a significant growth for the company
  • Outsourcing metrics can save the company from having high operating costs in maintaining a workforce of hundreds and thousands of employees and upgrading equipment.
  • Call volumes are very flexible.
  • Outsourcing gives an avenue for testing a plan and learning from it
  • Flexible business shifts.