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Search Engine Optimization

At ThirdEye we design methodologies and strategies aimed at improving a website’s search engine rankings. This tends to involve reviewing the design, content and link network of your site, on-page factors, keyword research, content creation and updations, Meta tag optimization and many other factors to meet the latest search engine rating criteria.

As a specialist search engine optimization company, our role is to tackle the technical minefield of search engine compatibility head-on for our clients. Our tools and services draw that vital connection between search engine rankings, site traffic, and sales and market share.

Our expertise lies in :

  • Analyzing website traffic and rendering well-defined technical, design, content, optimization strategies for best search engine placements.
  • Plan SEO website assessments and provide recommendations to Designers, Developers, Content writers, SEO’s and Link builders thereby leading to more and fruitful results.
  • Working with 3rd-party software or other internal tracking tools to find and benchmark high-value key phrases.
  • Continuously analyzing and monitoring trends in search engine industry and updating myself on regular basis in order to cope with the latest trends and techniques.
  • Working with web designers and researching the market trends to create landing pages for more conversions.
  • Major keyword research methodologies – PPC wise / Word Tracker / Google trends.
  • Creation of customized robots.txt, sitemap.xml, urllist.txt, 404 pages.
  • Dynamic URL Rewriting techniques and its implementations with developers.
Social Madia Marketing

Online marketing today is utilizing new digital channels of interaction to gain customer access and response. Companies have to devote much more attention to how they target, capture, qualify, manage and track opportunities beyond their organizations horizon. That’s the time where we play the key role. We are the experts in the field and equipped with thorough analysis and knowledge of current methodologies and trends in online marketing.

Our social media marketing campaigns includes :

  • Planning and initiating the social media marketing campaigns considering the industry verticals and the targeted audience with a view to create brand awareness.
  • Manage and review the efforts for social media outlets such as: blogging, discussion message boards, social network portals, video networks, etc.
  • Developing integrated social media marketing plans and analyze results for the effectiveness of the targeted campaigns minutely.
  • Manage several social networking communities over various social network giants including Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Bebo etc.
  • Creating and promoting communities over facebook, myspace for online ventures and social book marking campaigns too.
  • Specialized in management and optimization of Blogger and Wordpress Blogs.
Web Analytics

Web Analytics is a major part of online marketing. It helps you determine your campaign effectiveness and priorities necessary tweaking and changes to maximize return on investment.

Our web analytics service includes :

  • Web Analytics Company in Delhi Extensive experience in the interactive marketing industry including demonstrable Web Analytics experience.
  • Web Analytics Company in Delhi Able to monitor the website traffic data with ad serving portals and mapping the appropriate Ads with its associated campaigns.
  • Web Analytics Company in Delhi Defining key metrics with a view to measure overall website performance, construct tracking dashboards and maintaining general reporting structure.
  • Web Analytics Company in Delhi Build, manage and lead team of Web Analysts in order to develop advanced analytical solutions and formulate insights across internet / website properties.
  • Monitoring Traffic, Conversion Rates, Goals Configuration, Ecommerce Tracking, Site Search Tracking etc.
  • Thorough understanding of Web Analytics, A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Website optimizer etc.
competitor analysis

We take marketing your website seriously and our in-depth competitor analysis helps you identify different areas where you need more attention and find out the competitive advantages you may have with your competitors. You’ll know what they are doing that works, and what you need to do in order to grow your business. We provide you a thorough analysis of their online marketing efforts and how you can take advantage of their weaknesses and push beyond their strengths. This knowledge will help you meet and advance beyond your competition on the search engine rankings battlefield.

You’ll get a point by point outline of the marketing strategies actively being pursued by your competitors with a complete competitor analysis solution. You’ll discover the keyword phrases they are utilizing, niche markets being targeted, paid ad campaigns being implemented and much more. Our detailed competitor analysis report on your competition will uncover valuable insight and strategies that you can turn into a successful marketing campaign

Benefits of Competitor Analysis :

  • Competition Analysis Competitor analysis helps you find out what makes your competitor’s successful and use it to your advantage.
  • Competition Analysis Competitor analysis shows you what’s right or wrong with your competitors marketing campaigns, so you don’t make the same mistakes or neglect an important strategy.
  • Competition Analysis Competitor analysis provides you with a detailed analysis of various marketing strategies that you can implement to better your business.
  • Competition Analysis Competitor analysis outlines effective techniques to boost your site’s exposure to your target audience to maximize your conversion rates.