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ThirdEye Technology is an enterprise-wide Solutions Provider specializing in Microsoft Applications, Firewall Solutions, Security Solutions, ERP, Web Development and configuration and management of Virtual Private Network and other applications.

ThirdEye Technology offers comprehensive Consultancy Services covering the complete IT project lifecycle from definition and planning to delivery and support.

Our Benefits :
  • Customized solution for the clients according to their IT needs.
  • Different modes of services available for the firms situated in Delhi & surrounding areas.
  • Training facility available for the services delivered as per the requirement of the workforce.

By hiring ThirdEye Technology, your business acquires many years of experience in building and managing IT Infrastructure without the costs associated with hiring an in-house, IT staff. ThirdEye Technology provides round-the-clock, on-site network maintenance and operating software support for your business IT assets with a lowest target response time.

We are currently consulting in :

  • Microsoft solutions
  • Installation, configuration and Management of ERP Solutions
  • Internet services
  • Virtual private Network (VPN)
  • Network Services, Systems Management and Information Security
  • Database, Email & Firewall
  • Bulk SMS & Email Services
  • Web Filtering and Web Security Installation
  • Disaster Recovery & Management